Let’s cut to the chase, friends.

4 weeks to our next best chance to alter history as poised.  28 days.

If you haven’t done some campaigning yet, no time like the present to help ward off further disasters for the next two years.

Here’s what works: Knocking doors in other districts that have the real possibility of flipping to help create the nationwide Blue Wave.

The most local races:

  • Sean Casten in the 6th Congressional District
  • Lauren Underwood in the 14th Congressional District
  • Betsy Dirksen Londrigan in the 13th Congressional District

Since Labor Day, US Rep. Jan Schakowsky (9th Congressional District) has facilitated carpools to prepped field offices in these districts. From there, volunteers proceed to canvass locally.

  • We’re told it’s having a big effect.
  • We need more canvassers expand our reach in these final weeks

You are invited to sign up at either of our locations at the following times:

We’re looking for both drivers and passengers.

  • Saturdays, 8am & 11am, departing from 5539 N Broadway, Chicago
  • Sundays, 11am from 5539 N Broadway, Chicago or Democratic Party of Evanston, 1806 W Church St., Evanston

Thanks to your feedback, we’re using a much easier sign up link, one that allows you to sign up for many dates at once, both canvassing and phone banking: https://tinyurl.com/9thCongressional

Please commit to doing what you can to turn things around.

It truly never has been more important.

In all seriousness, let’s get this done! For more information, contact Katy Hogan (773) 746-6587

Share freely – especially to your younger family members. Let’s get them started!